Board Of Directors:

Victor “Sal” Salazar

12-year former private military contractor, veteran U.S. Army Ranger, and nationally registered EMT. He has extensive training in special operations tactics, advanced weaponry, and U.S. Government personnel protection in high-threat environments. Sal has held various positions throughout his career, including team leader, truck commander, and personnel trainer. His experience includes intelligence gathering and review, coordinating day-to-day team training, route formulation, along with planning and execution of confidential, high-profile missions.

Katrena Drake

In 2006, Katrena Drake co-founded Armor Cloud Security, a multi-national cybersecurity business that solved the infrastructure and SecOps conundrum facing medium-size businesses that handle financial data, health records, and other personally identifiable information. The experience of growing Armor to more than $50MM in annual recurring revenue helped refine Katrena’s passion for product, marketing, and operations strategy in early-stage companies, projects, and initiatives. 

Joseph Loomis

A nationally televised cybersecurity expert & serial entrepreneur. As a repeat cybersecurity entrepreneur, Joe and his team look to solve problems that aim to protect and make an impact for the better good of America. Joe is a US Navy Veteran who formally was a cryptological engineer and electronics wizard of many complex military-grade systems during his service. Joe has built and sold two cybersecurity companies that aided large corporations to solve very difficult problems, including highly large and complex sensitive networks within the US Government’s US Cybercommand, Pentagon, US Senate, and Department of Energy.

Nick Parker

is a CEO, serial entrepreneur, real estate developer and angel investor. He currently serves as the founder and CEO of E-Volve Energy and CNRG, companies that create value for commercial and industrial clients through integrated energy efficiency & renewable energy solutions. A proven pioneer with over 15 years of experience in the energy industry, Nick has revolutionized the concept of sustainable energy management while bringing clarity to an ever evolving industry.


Chris Vasconcellos

Spent 30 plus years in the law enforcement and security industry. He began at the age of 14 as a police explorer in the SW Florida area. Chris entered the US Army Military Police Corps as a Corrections Specialist; assigned to the United States Disciplinary Barracks, maximum security military prison, Ft Leavenworth, KS and overseas. After the military he worked in State law enforcement, Federal Contractor & private security management before he began working as a Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the US Department of Defense then Federal Protective Service, Department of Homeland Security.

Wil Davis

Wil Davis served in The United States Army Infantry for 6 ½ years and has deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan as an Infantry Sergeant. During those deployments, he completed approximately 750 successful combat missions as a Squad Designated Marksman, Stryker Vehicle Commander, Personal Security Detachment team member and Team Leader. Wil was honorably discharged from the Army and has since been employed in the private security sector working for Paragon Systems Inc. (a major DHS contracting company) as a supervisor and firearms instructor, and currently a private security contractor. Wil has 15+ years of security and loss prevention experience working in multi security level federal facilities, corporate offices and private residences. READ MORE…

Kevin James Kline

Retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2019, serving as the Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge at the New Haven FBI Field Office.  Over his almost 30-year career, Kevin served in a variety of leadership positions involving efforts related to National Security, Crisis Management, Cyber Intrusions, Threat Intelligence, Criminal Enterprises, and Security.  As a member of the Senior Executive Service, Kevin was responsible for the assessment and inspection of FBI field offices, Legal Attaches, and the FBI’s programs and performance around the world.

Kevin Martin

Spent 30 plus years in the law enforcement and Security career field: He began at the age of 15 as a police explorer in the SW Florida area, learning everything he could about the career path he was beginning. Kevin started working in Local law enforcement in Florida then moving to Michigan. He also has worked Loss Prevention and Private Security Management; He also is trained in Executive Protection.

Dan Redding

Dan Redding served in the United States Army as an Infantryman for 6 years and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq as a Team Leader and Squad Leader. While down range he has conducted over 700 combat missions as a Team leader on countless raids, reconnaissance, and personal security operations. After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army Dan became a commercial rated helicopter pilot and airplane pilot.

Jeffery L. Gregorec

After a distinguished 20-year career in the United States marines, Jeffery became a tactical trainer in the federal, state and private sectors. READ MORE…

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